Current Group Members

Carlos P Sosa Carlos P Sosa
Rashed Ferdous Rashed Ferdous, BICB student

BICB Co-advised students

  Dimitriye Yevremovich, Prof Boley's group, U of Minnesota



Prof Truhlar and Prof Gao , University of Minnesota

  Prof. Z. Dong and Prof. A. M. Bode, Hormel Institute
  Prof D. York, Rutgers University
  Prof. J-P. Kocher, Mayo Clinic
  Prof. D. Boley , University of Minnesota
  Prof. W-C. Feng, Virginia Tech
  Paul K Coffman, IBM Rochester

Past Group Members

Peter Schommer Peter Schommer
Oystein Thorsen Oystein Thorsen
Karl Jiang Karl Jiang
Marcus E Lundberg Marcus E Lundberg
Amanda Peters Amanda Peters
HaitaoSun Haitao Sun


Last modified: April 14, 2012


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