Message from the Director

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) addresses the high-performance computing needs of research groups at the University of Minnesota. Our facilities allow researchers to produce scientific breakthroughs, to attract funding, and generally benefit the community through their advancement.

MSI provides access to supercomputers that enable not only traditional fields based on advanced computation and scientific visualization, but also, with our skilled professional staff, advanced imaging, microarray analysis, next-generation sequencing data analysis, data mining, application and workflow development, and the design of cutting-edge medical devices. We continue our long-standing service to the physical sciences and engineering fields while we rapidly expand our support in the life science and medical fields. As the spectrum of scientific fields develops and advances, MSI continues to adapt in order to continue its key supporting role in such a diverse environment.

For example, MSI plays a role in campus efforts to understand and cure cancer, in the facilitation of efficient sharing of information between researchers in remote locations, and in the growth in understanding of weather and climate. In fact, MSI has a role in most scientific research that requires high-performance computation or the management and understanding of large amounts of scientific data.

As the high-performance computing needs of Minnesota's researchers grow, MSI is committed to developing the infrastructure and services necessary to support this research.

Jorge Vinals
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute