Non-technical Facilities

Non-Technical Facilities

All MSI researchers are included on a list maintained and regularly updated by MSI. Entry into most areas of MSI requires a U Card; researchers' U Cards are coded for access to the secure areas seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To obtain authorization for your U Card or the U Card of a guest, contact the Research Programs Administrator, (, 612-625-0012, Walter Library 599).

The central elevators in Walter Library (that is, the two elevators facing one another in the center of the building) provide access to the first through fifth floors. These elevators do not require a U Card Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. to reach the fourth and fifth floors. A validated U Card is required for access to the fourth and fifth floors outside of these hours.The second and third floors are accessible during library hours. MSI researchers do not have after-hours access to library space.

The single elevator on the east side of the building nearest to Northrop Mall provides open access to the basement, first floor, and second floor, as well as validated U Card access, at all times, to floors four and five.

Personnel using or planning to use MSI's facilities are expected to review and comply with MSI's Usage Policies.

Conference Rooms

MSI has one conference room on the fifth floor of Walter Library: Room 527, which is within the secure area of the fifth floor. The space seats 8-10 people and can be reserved by contacting Debbie Schutta (, 612-624-0528, Walter Library 599). It is available for use only by MSI staff and for meetings involving both MSI staff and external persons.

Conference rooms for 12-15 people are available in each of rooms 404 and 405 Walter Library. These rooms are located off the DTC Commons Area, Room 401 Walter Library. Video conferencing equipment is available for use in either room, and both rooms must be reserved through the DTC receptionist at 612-624-9510 or

The Scientific Presentation Room (room 402 Walter Library), located off the DTC Commons Area, is designed to seat 88 people comfortably and has a maximum capacity of 228. The room contains two projectors and two screens and has a VCR, a DVD player, and a CD player. The room also contains jacks for connecting computers with the projectors. This room is used for seminars and tutorials and must be reserved by contacting the DTC receptionist at 612-624-9510 or


Reception for MSI is located in Walter Library 599 and is staffed 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The main telephone number for MSI is 612-624-0528.

MSI does not provide secretarial support for research projects. If you need assistance with any matter concerning facilities or research project administration, please contact Ann Nordling (, 612-624-1556, Walter Library B18E).

A copier is located in room 599 Walter Library for use by MSI staff. Researchers should use the library copiers on Floor 2 of Walter Library.

A fax machine is located in room 599 Walter Library for use only by MSI staff.