Governance & Organization

The Supercomputing Institute (MSI) is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Research. Jorge Viñals, Professor of Physics, is MSI’s director.


The Supercomputing Institute has four governing committees.


MSI Fellows demonstrate excellence in supercomputing or related research and a willingness to promote and advise the Institute, including serving on MSI's governing committees.


Administrative Staff

The Administrative staff supports the rest of MSI by providing overall leadership, budget management, facilitation of purchases, user account management, front desk support, facilitation of internal and external sales, and use of a variety of media to communicate with users and publicize MSI's developments and events.

HPC Operations

The HPC Operations staff maintains and provides assistance with all hardware and operational issues related to HPC machines and systems.

Infrastructure Operations and User Support

The Infrastructure Operations and User Support staff maintains and provides assistance with all hardware and operational issues related to non-HPC machines and systems. They also assist users in utilizing MSI resources. Staff members have expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines as well as practical skills in areas including computational proteomics, image processing, visualization development, parallel computing, computational statistics, software management, and MSI lab management.

Research Informatics Support Systems (RISS)

Composed of informatics analysts, RISS assists researchers with the application of informatics in interdisciplinary research from project design to computational and analytical strategy to data management and knowledge integration.

Application Development Services

The Application Development Services staff provides assistance with the development of databases, web-based applications, console applications, and scripts or user-friendly procedures to enable more productive use of MSI's resources.