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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
School of Pharmacy
Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

PI: Angela K. Birnbaum
Co-PI: Richard Brundage

Pharmacometrics Software Training Program

The Pharmacometrics division, part of the Center for Forecasting Drug Response, uses several types of specialty software in the analyses of clinical pharmacokinetic data. The division has developed a program with Pharsight, the creator of some of the specialty software, to train students and faculty on their software. The Center also uses a NONlinear Mixed Effects Model (NONMEM) program. These software programs will be used by faculty in NIH-funded and investigator-initiated studies. These users are located in several locations at the University of Minnesota and use several different computer systems. The researchers have begun using a Supercomputing Institute server to house the software, as access on a common server will be extremely valuable in the training of these individuals as well as enabling completion of funded research.

Group Members

Kyle Baron, Graduate Student
Annie Clark, Graduate Student 
Varun Goel, Graduate Student
Vijay Ivaturi, Graduate Student
Amit Khatri, Graduate Student 
Hyewon Kim, Graduate Student
Manisha Lamba, Graduate Student
Susan Marino, Research Associate 
Akshanth Polepally, Graduate Student