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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences
Department of Plant Pathology

PI: James M. Bradeen

Expanded Genomics Resources for Disease-resistant Potato Species

Genetic control of potato diseases can reduce grower and environmental costs. Wild potato species are promising resistance-gene sources. Complementing their phenotype and molecular analyses, these researchers are constructing linkage and physical maps for the late-blight-resistant Solanum bulbocastanum. Working with researchers from Diversity Arrays Technology, Pty. Ltd. and the University of Naples, Italy, they have constructed high throughput microarray-based mapping resources for wild potato species. Currently maps of three disease-resistant and cold-tolerant wild potato species, including S. bulbocastanum, are being generated. Mapped markers are being sequenced and in silico approaches are being utilized to anchor mapped markers to nascent tomato reference genome sequence. Comparison of genome structure within the genus Solanum will ensue. In a parallel study, a low-resolution genome-wide physical map of S. bulbocastanum is being generated in collaboration with the Arizona Genomics Institute. The physical map will be anchored to the genetic map for this species using microarray-based markers. Candidate disease resistance loci will be associated with individual BAC clones and anchored to the combined physical and genetic maps. Comparison of disease resistance gene locations throughout the genome in wild potato, cultivated potato, and tomato will ensue. This project is expected to facilitate downstream comparative genomics studies including efficient disease resistance gene mapping and cloning. The group has used the GCG, DNAStar, and JoinMap software packages available through the CGL.

Group Members

Liangliang Gao, Graduate Student
Massimo Iorrizzo, Graduate Student
Harpartap Mann, Research Associate
Ben Millett, Graduate Student
Steven McKay, Graduate Student
Edmund Quirin, Graduate Student
Noah Rosenzweig, Research Associate
Ryan Syverson, Research Associate
Adriana Telias, Graduate Student