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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
School of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutics

PI: Belinda W. Y. Cheung

Analysis of Pre-clinical Data From Pharmacokinetic Studies Using WinNonlin

This project uses the Pharsight software training program in order to study the transfer of antibiotic agents to the middle ear space via external ear dosing formulations for the treatment of middle ear infection. There are two types of formulations being investigated. One approach uses a polymer-based aqueous dosage form that converts into a gel when the temperature rises close to body temperature. The gel will allow drug to slowly diffuse across the intact tympanic membrane (ear drum) into the middle ear (the site of infection). The other approach uses conventional liquid formulation, and drug enters the middle ear via an implanted tympanostomy tube. The drug concentration in the middle ear fluid over time is being measured using the technique of microdialysis. In order to estimate the drug delivery rate, another set of experiments need to be conducted to obtain the unit impulse response function. Using the method of deconvolution, the rate and extent of drug transfer into the target site following external ear dosing can then be determined.