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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Institute of Technology
Department of Civil Engineering

PI: Catherine E. French

Testing and Analyses of Nonrectangular Walls Under Multi-directional Loads

Building codes such as the ACI 318-02 have incorporated the principles of displacement based design to improve the detailing of wall systems in seismic regions. The research upon which these code provisions were based was unidirectional tests on nonrectangular wall systems. The effects of multi-directional loading, that is, loading the T-shaped wall in the orthogonal and skew direction, is expected to have a significant influence on the response as the structure becomes damaged due to the loading requirements in the respective directions. As an example, damage due to loading in the orthogonal direction is expected to have a significant influence on behavior of the nonrectangular walls in the web direction. This research, which includes an experimental and analytical investigation of nonrectangular walls under multidirectional loads, is motivated by the lack of understanding of nonrectangular walls under multidirectional loading and the use of simplified assumptions in design practice. In addition to these tests, three rectangular walls were tested to investigate the effects of bar detailing at the wall-foundation interface on structural behavior including plastic hinge length. Reinforcement detailing investigated included the use of continuous reinforcement, mechanical splices, and lap splices.

Group Member

Beth Brueggen, Graduate Student