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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Microbiology

PI: Marc K. Jenkins

CD4 T Cell Biology

CD4 T cells produce lymphokines when their antigen receptors bind to foreign peptides displayed on the surface of other cells, so called antigen-presenting cells. The lymphokines produced by CD4 T cells regulate many aspects of the immune response including antibody production and the microbicidal activities of other cells. The Jenkins laboratory has developed a system in which the activation status of CD4 T cells of known specificity can be monitored by flow cytometry, immunohistology, or confocal microscopy in vivo. They have used this system to define the roles of several lymphokines and surface receptors in the in vivo activation of CD4 T cells. In addition, this system has allowed the first visual documentation of the interactions between CD4 T cells and antigen-presenting cells as they occur in the lymphoid tissues. By studying the activation of CD4 T cells in the body, these researchers hope to gain information that can be used to improve vaccines and inhibit deleterious T cell responses such as autoimmunity and graft rejection.

Group Members

H. Hamlet Chu, Graduate Student
James McLachlan, Research Associate
Jon L. Linehan, Graduate Student
James J. Moon, Research Associate
Antonio Pagan, Graduate Student
Kathryn Pape, Research Associate
Marion Pepper, Research Associate
Matthew Priess, Staff
Amanda Schmidt, Staff
Jennifer Walter, Staff
Traci Zell, Research Associate