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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

PI: John H. Kersey
Co-PI: Ashish Kumar

Gene Deregulation in MLL-Fusion Gene Leukemia

Infant leukemia and secondary leukemias are associated with translocations involving the MLL gene. These researchers are investigating the molecular pathogenesis of leukemia caused by these MLL-fusion genes. They have identified changes in gene expression caused by the fusion gene in a mouse model of MLL-AF9 fusion gene leukemia.

In ongoing and future experiments, the researchers will identify the genes regulated by a different MLL-fusion protein, MLL-AF4, and those regulated by MEIS1, an important downstream target of MLL-fusion proteins. This information will significantly add to our understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of these disorders, which will then help in the development of newer therapeutic strategies.

The researchers are using resources at the CGL for this project.