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Research Abstracts Online
January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Duluth
Swenson College of Science and Engineering
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

PI: Paul Kiprof, Associate Fellow

High-valent Transition Metal Arene Complexes and Carboxonium Ions

This research project studies high-valent transition metal arene complexes and the stability of rearrangement of carbocations. High-valent transition metal arene complexes are rare and generally unstable compared with their low-valent counterparts. A detailed study of the factors governing the stability of these complexes is necessary and is performed at high levels of theory accounting for the effect of substituents.

The second focus area concerns carbocations, which are stabilized by oxygen atoms. This leads to unusual reactions that have not been studied systematically. The researchers are exploring the effect of the heteroatoms at high levels of theory and are studying the reactions that these species undergo.

Group Members

Patrick Achord, Research Associate