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January 2008 - March 2009

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Department of Health Science Research

PI: Jean-Pierre A. Kocher

Collaborative Software Development With MSI

The Division of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine has joined with the Supercomputing Institute on two software-development projects. The first is the Collaborative Workflow Environment for Bioinformatics (CWEB). This project seeks to create a common pool of reusable tools for researchers to share between institutions. The second project, The Research Organizer for Project Information Exchange (TROPIX), seeks to develop tools for sharing and processing data that is collected at the University of Minnesota and Mayo. During this period, the group has used the SDVL and BSCL to help test the code being developed. They are now deploying tools that will be made available to MSI researchers.

Group Members

Rudi Chiarito, Staff
Patrick H. Duffy, Staff
Asif Hossain, Staff
David H. Lentz, Staff
Christopher J. Mason, Staff
David Mead, Staff
Michael Meiners, Staff
Hugues Sicotte, Staff
Traci St. Martin, Staff
Brian S. Wilson, Staff
Roman Zenka, Staff