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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Academic Health Center
Center for Drug Design

PI: Christine E. Salomon

Identification and Structural Characterization of Novel Natural Products From Terrestrial and Marine Microbes

These researchers are interested in the discovery of novel secondary metabolites from terrestrial and marine bacteria and fungi. The group identifies new compounds by using bioassay-guided fractionation to purify biologically active molecules, with an emphasis on activity against drug resistant pathogens and cancer targets. Another area of interest is to identify "crypticā€¯ or silent biosynthetic pathways and to understand how these pathways can be activated to make new natural products.   

Group Members

Michael Donald, Junior Scientist
John Kurtz, Undergraduate Student
Jenny Marshall, Undergraduate Student
Yudi Rusman, Research Associate
Lori Schmidt, Research Associate
Dan Schneider, Undergraduate Student