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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Otolaryngology

PI: Peter Santi

Three-dimensional Reconstruction and Analysis of the Mouse Cochlea

Comprehensive optical sections of intact mouse cochleas have been obtained using thin-sheet laser microscopy. When imported into the visualization software Amira, these optical sections can be used to generate accurate three-dimensional reconstructions of cochlear structures, which can then provide quantitative information about the morphology of functionally significant structures. These researchers characterized and quantified morphological variations between cochlear structures of groups of mice, including those with normal hearing, those with age-related hearing loss, and a mouse model of Alport syndrome.

In a related effort, the researchers developed and refined a three-dimensional orthogonal coordinate system for the cochlea that is based on the position of the basilar membrane. In addition, they worked on a project to improve the quality of optical sections through the development of a new laser system that will create optical sections of intact specimens. They used Amira to view and analyze the end results.

Group Member

Tiffany Glass, Staff