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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Pediatrics

PI: Lisa A. Schimmenti

PAX2 Expression Profiling

During normal eye development, a gap or groove, called the optic fissure, forms in the ventral part of the developing eye. To complete the process of eye development, this fissure must close. Failure to close the optic fissure results in optic fissure closure defects, which cause up to 10% of childhood blindness. Optic fissure closure is controlled by a number of genes, the most common being PAX2. These researchers have performed expression array analysis of RNA from wildtype and Pax2 mutant mice. They are using MSI resources to analyze their dataset.

Group Members

Brent Bill, Graduate Student
Kerri Carlson, Research Associate