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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Pediatrics

PI: Mark R. Schleiss
Co-PI: Alistair McGregor

Vaccine Development Using the Guinea Pig Model for Human Cytomegalovirus

These researchers are involved in a project to create a vaccine against human cytomegalovirus. They use the CGL for software programs to analyze DNA sequences with restriction enzymes, primer analysis, and translational sequences. They can also align their sequences against known strains of virus as a means of identifying new clinical isolates. The data received are further used to create viral clones and to make recombinant vaccines that will be tested in the guinea pig model for cytomegalovirus. 

MSI resources are used to orientate, verify, and validate DNA sequences and clones. Current work includes creating new clones generated from clinical samples. The researchers are making a new clone with two glycoprotein genes as a means of a vaccine to be tested in the guinea pig model. There will also be generations of clones that will be sent to collaborators to further the research of cytomegalovirus.

Group Members

Jodi Anderson, Staff
Ryan Buus, Staff
Yeon Choi, Research Associate
Adam Gilbertsen, Staff
Michael Leviton, Staff
Jared Liebelt, Staff
Vy Nguyen, Staff
Bazak Sharon, Research Associate
Joseph Sweet, Staff