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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Institute of Technology
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

PI: Randall H. Victora, Fellow

Micromagnetic Simulations of Heads and Media for High-density Magnetic Recording

Current magnetic recording technology is approaching several new technical barriers that may limit the further increase of hard disk recording density. Examples of these barriers are fundamental limitations in the thermal stability and switching speed of the magnetic domains. Instead of the current longitudinal recording method, one of the alternatives is to record the media perpendicularly, which may require significant technological changes. These researchers have developed micromagnetic models that address these problems for current and future perpendicular recording media and recording heads.

The group has continued to develop their write-head simulator that uses a new technique so that the entire head is treated micromagnetically, as opposed to the usual case of only treating the pole tip. The project is also beginning to focus on transport in nanowires. The group’s million-element micromagnetic code, which simulates spin waves and can only run on the supercomputers, is used to investigate the mystery of how neighboring spin torque oscillators interact so as to oscillate in phase. The code is also being used to study the angular dependence of two-magnon scattering, providing understanding of ferromagnetic relaxation in magnetic recording media. 

Group Member

Xi Chen, Graduate Student
Eukyoung Cho, Graduate Student
Yan Dong, Graduate Student
Stephanie Hernandez, Graduate Student
Mohammed Patwari, Graduate Student