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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Pharmacology

PI: W. Gibson Wood

ApoE Isoforms, Cholesterol Homeostasis, and Amyloid Beta Protein

This project focuses on mechanisms of amyloid beta-protein perturbation of cholesterol and apoE homeostasis within astrocytes and resulting consequences on neuronal function. There is a dynamic interaction between cholesterol and amyloid beta-protein (Aβ), a protein that is thought to be an important contributor to neurodegeneration that occurs with Alzheimer’s disease. Cholesterol levels modulate amyloid precursor protein expression and Aβ production. Conversely, Aβ alters cellular cholesterol dynamics particularly cholesterol trafficking in astrocytes and neurons.

These researchers are using several Supercomputing Institute laboratories to aid in their investigations into these mechanisms.

Group Members

Tammy Butterick, Graduate Student
Urule Igvavboa, Research Associate
Ximena Rossello, Graduate Student
Dana Strandjord, Staff