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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Institute of Technology
School of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Astronomy

PI: Paul R. Woodward, Fellow

Interactive Supercomputing

These researchers use the Supercomputing Institute’s Calhoun supercomputer for interactive supercomputing, in which massive, realistic calculations can be evaluated and adjusted while they are being run. Without interactive supercomputing, researchers have to wait hours or days for the calculations to run to completion before being able to view the results. This makes it difficult to apply them to complex and timely problems such as weather behavior or to evaluate quickly how well the calculations modeled the desired important physics or engineering problem. Interactive supercomputing makes it possible to quickly evaluate the calculation as it is underway, report on the behavior, or revise and adjust the calculation without waiting for it to run to completion.

The project is making considerable progress. The group is seeking to exploit the 20 Gbit/sec link from the Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering to perform special large runs from which detailed visualization output can be processed in the lab into movies, both mono and stereo. These movies help guide the group’s scientific work and can also be used in outreach activities. The scientific focus of this effort is in the study of the brief stages of stellar evolution in which three-dimensional effects play a dominant role. The researchers are also obtaining detailed data that they use for the formulation and validation of models of the turbulent flow phenomena that are involved in these stars. 

Group Members

Tyler Fuchs, Undergraduate Student
Jim Greensky, Graduate Student
Jagan Jayaraj, Graduate Student
Michael Knox, Graduate Student
Pei-Hung Lin, Graduate Student
Tony Nowatzki, Undergraduate Student