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January 2008 - March 2009

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences
Department of Plant Pathology

PI: Nevin D. Young, Associate Fellow

Sequencing the Gene Space of the Model Legume Medicago truncatula

Medicago truncatula is a model for understanding the genome organization and biological function of legumes, the family of plants that includes crops such as soybean, alfalfa, and beans. The Young laboratory leads a consortium of researchers from the United States and Europe that is sequencing the euchromatin of M. truncatula. Cytogenetic and genome sequence data suggest that the M. truncatula genome is organized into distinct gene-rich euchromatin separate from repeat-rich pericentromeric heterochromatin. Thus, the M. truncatula gene-space can be sequenced in a highly efficient manner using a BAC-by-BAC strategy. This map-based approach to sequencing M. truncatula can be leveraged through structural genomic comparisons with both Arabidopsis and crop legumes. The Young lab coordinates the U.S. component of the project and leads the assembly and bioinformatic analysis of the Medicago genome sequence.

Group Members

Arvind Bharti, Research Associate
Roxanne Denny, Staff
Shelley (Xiaohong) Wang, Staff