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MSI Research Abstracts Online 2009-10

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Academic Health Center

College of Pharmacy

Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Angela K. Birnbaum and Richard Brundage
Jatinder Lamba 
Ramaiah Muthyala
Robert J. Straka 

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Elizabeth A. Amin 
Barry C. Finzel 
Daniel A. Harki 
Rodney L. Johnson 
Philip S. Portoghese 
Shana J. Sturla 
Carston R. Wagner and Donald G. Truhlar
Michael A. Walters 
Chengguo Xing 

Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems

Stephen W. Schondelmeyer and Serguei V. Pakhomov

Department of Pharmaceutics

Ronald A. Siegel
Changquan Calvin Sun
Raj G. Suryanarayanan

Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

Gunda I. Georg, Vadim J. Gurvich, Derek J. Hook, and Michael A. Walters