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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Institute of Technology
Department of Biomedical Engineering

PI: Shai Ashkenazi

Optoacoustic Ultrasound Transducers

These researchers develop planar optical chips based on polymer waveguide technology for detection of high frequency ultrasound. These devices rely on high-quality optical resonators for high-sensitivity detection of acoustic waves. The total size of the target device is less than one millimeter in length and less than 0.5 millimeter in width. This miniaturized ultrasound probe is designed to fit in imaging catheters to provide high-resolution imaging of the inner walls of major arteries.

Designing such devices requires theoretical and numerical modeling of electromagnetic waves in three-dimensional elongated dielectric waveguides. In addition, the researchers’ models describe the modulation of light propagation in dielectric waveguides due to the effect of acoustic waves. This interaction includes two opposing components that need to be carefully evaluated for optimizing device sensitivity. The group is using the SDVL for this project.

Group Members

Caitlin Crandall, Undergraduate Student
Vishupriya Govindan, Research Associate
Zach Juveli, Undergraduate Student
Clay Sheaff, Graduate Student