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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
School of Dentistry
Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences

PI: Massimo Costalonga

Murine Model of Periodontitis

The objective of this project is to compare methods of measuring alveolar bone loss in wild type and immunodeficient mice infected with Porphyromonas gingivalis. The first molar root trunk in different strains of mice infected and sham infected with P. gingivalis will be measured with linear measurements, area measurements, and micro-computer tomography (microCT) using a variety of computer software.

Group Members

Lori Fischer, Staff
Cleo Vidican, Graduate Student
Shemshia Mohammed, Visiting Researcher
Katsushi Okazaki, Visiting Researcher
Katie Steckelberg, Undergraduate Student