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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Microbiology

PI: Gary M. Dunny

Regulation of Genetic Transfer and Virulence in Gram-positive Bacteria

The Dunny laboratory studies the regulation of expression of genetic transfer functions and the regulation of virulence in gram-positive bacteria. They are especially interested in regulatory mechanisms involving cell-cell signaling by peptide mating pheromones. They also study several novel intracellular regulatory RNA molecules that control expression of genes involved in conjugative plasmid transfer. The current research activity of the lab includes three specific projects: the genetic functions of an enterococcal R factor, the role of cell-wall components in enterococcal endocarditis, and the role of biofilm characterization.

Group Members

Katie Ballering, Graduate Student
Aaron Barnes, Graduate Student
Laura Case, Graduate Student
Olivia Chuang, Graduate Student
Kristi Frank, Research Associate
Suzanne Grindle, Staff
Heater Haemig, Research Associate
Thinh Le, Staff
Dawn Manias, Staff