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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Institute of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

PI: Sean C. Garrick, Associate Fellow

Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent, Reacting, Multi-phase, Multi-scale Flows

The Garrick group is engaged in the modeling and simulation of turbulent, reacting, multi-phase flows. Modeling and simulation techniques are developed from first principles and address the formation and growth of particles and the effects of fluid dynamics on particle dynamics (growth, break-up, aggregation, etc.). Particles range from the nano-scale to the micro-scale, while flows range from laminar to turbulent, with and without chemical reactions. Current investigations include the nucleation/precipitation of nanoparticles in supersonic nozzles, the effects of turbulence on the formation and growth of ceramic nanoparticles, the effects of chemical and thermal mixing on nanoparticle morphology, and mass-transfer and phase-change on micro-scale porous surfaces, with and without chemical reaction. The majority of investigations make use of direct numerical simulation and large-eddy simulation. In addition to traditional computational fluid dynamics, recent efforts have focused on the development of mathematical and numerical models for the integration of multi-scale physics and chemistry into partial differential equation solvers. From a science and engineering point of view, this work will facilitate more realistic simulations of multi-phase dynamics in a variety of physical/chemical regimes and industrial applications, including energy production, pharmaceutical processing, and the physics/dynamics of environmental effluents and contaminants.

Group Members

Shankhadeep Das, Graduate Student
Andrew Fager, Undergraduate Student
Jun Liu, Graduate Student
Jason Loeffler, Undergraduate Student
Pat Mathiesen, Undergraduate Student
Saurav Mitra, Graduate Student
Nathan Murfield, Graduate Student
Anh Nguyen, Undergraduate Student
Jouni Pyykonen, Research Associate
Dan Wolff, Undergraduate Student