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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Microbiology

PI: Marc K. Jenkins

CD4 T Cell Biology

CD4+ T cells become activated when their antigen receptors bind to foreign peptides displayed by MHCII molecules on the surface of antigen-presenting cells. This leads to the production of various lymphokines that regulate many aspects of the immune response, including antibody production and the antimicrobial activities of other cells. These researchers have developed experimental systems involving the adoptive transfer of TCR transgenic T cells, and more recently, soluble peptide:MHCII tetramers, to monitor CD4+ T cells of known specificity in vivo. In conjunction with flow cytometry and immunohistology, these systems have enabled the researchers to define several aspects of CD4+ T cell biology in vivo. These include, but are not limited to, basic issues of naive, effector, and memory T cell function, MHCII-restricted antigen presentation, and peripheral tolerance mechanisms. By studying CD4+ T cells in their in vivo context, the researchers hope to gain further knowledge that can be used to improve vaccines and immunotherapies, as well as mitigate deleterious T cell responses such as autoimmunity and graft rejection.

Group Members

H. Hamlet Chu, Graduate Student
Jon L. Linehan, Graduate Student
James McLachlan, Research Associate
James J. Moon, Research Associate
Antonio Pagan, Graduate Student
Kathryn Pape, Research Associate
Marion Pepper, Research Associate
Justin Taylor, Research Associate