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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Dermatology

PI: Daniel H. Kaplan

Microarray Analysis of Skin-resident Dendritic Cell Populations

There is still surprising little information about the expression of immunologically significant molecules by Langerhans cells (LCs) and other skin-resident dendritic cell (DC) subsets. For instance, there is conflicting data regarding which toll-like receptor LCs express, and the cytokines expressed by murine LCs in vivo in the steady state and after stimulation is unknown. Many factors can potentially participate in LC-mediated regulation. Rather than functionally testing each candidate individually, this project compares RNA expression profiles of the 3 skin-resident DC population both in the steady state and after DNFB (2,4-Dinitro-1-Fluorobenzene) treatment. It is hoped that this information will provide considerable insight into the unique properties of each skin DC subset in general and LC-mediated regulation in particular. In the past, the major obstacle to performing expression profiling of skin DC has been the difficulty in identifying the various DC subsets. The researcher has recently described a set of markers that allows for easy identification of all 3 skin DC subsets (epidermal LC, dermal Langerin+ DC, and dermal Langerin-DC). This project uses resources at the CGL.