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January 2009 - March 2010

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences
Department of Horticultural Science

PI: Cindy B. Tong

Maintenance of Apple Crispness

The overall goal for this project is to understand the molecular, biochemical, and physiological mechanisms involved in maintaining fruit crispness of some apple genotypes after harvest. To do this, the researchers are studying gene expression of cell wall degradative proteins in apple fruit. The gene of one such protein, ExpansinA2 (ExpA2), is differentially expressed in some fruits that stay crisp and in fruits that soften. There are polymorphisms in the 3’-untranslated regions (3’-UTR) of ExpA2 genes of "Golden Delicious” and "Granny Smith” apple fruit. The researchers have sequenced ExpA2 from 32 apple genotypes and have found that there are at least three variants in the 3’-UTRs, and they are now trying to determine if the variants differ in fruit genomic DNA versus cDNA. If they do, this is evidence supporting the hypothesis that the 3’-UTR influences mRNA stability or translation.

Group Member

Diana Trujillo, Graduate Student