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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of St. Thomas
School of Engineering

PI: John P. Abraham, Associate Fellow

Numerical Investigation of Transitional Flow

This research group has carried out a very successful agenda of biomedical simulations that deal with heat transfer and fluid flow within the human body. The focus of the calculations is on both fundamentals and on applications. Included are ablation techniques for the treatment of tumors, simulation of orbital atherectomy, and three-dimensional reconstruction techniques, among others.

The group has developed models that can be used to calculate fluid flows that are transitional (neither laminar nor turbulent). The model has been validated within the last year and now is being extended to a variety of practical application, including biomedical flows (blood flow in arteries, airway flow in lungs, etc.).

Group Members

Srikar Chelikani, Graduate Student
Resa Ramazi-Rend, Graduate Student
Ephraim M. Sparrow, Faculty Collaborator
James Weiler, Undergraduate Student