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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

PI: Graham V. Candler, Fellow

Simulation of Reacting Flows

These researchers are continuing their numerical simulations of high-temperature reacting flows. This work has several possible applications: the simulation of planetary entry capsule aerodynamic heating, the design and optimization of hypersonic inlets, and the modeling and simulation of scramjet engines. For this work, the researchers use their newly developed unstructured grid computational fluid dynamics code. This code uses implicit time integration to reduce the computational cost, and has been optimized for distributed memory parallel computers. Current work includes large-scale (over 1000 core) simulations on Itasca to study several critical problems in the area of hypersonic aerodynamics. These include simulations of turbulent unsteady flow in the base region of a planetary entry capsule and the modeling of representative scramjet engine flow field including hydrogen-air combustion. A new project will use direct numerical simulations to study turbulence to understand why current turbulence models do not agree with experimental data at high-speed flow conditions. This work is leading to an improved understanding of how chemical reactions and fluid motion interact in a variety of technologically relevant applications.

Group Members

Christopher R. Alba, Graduate Student
Mike Barnhardt, Graduate Student
Matthew D. Bartkowicz, Graduate Student
Konrad M. Brown, Undergraduate Student
Sriram Doraiswamy, Graduate Student
Travis Drayna, Graduate Student
Pietro Ferrero, Graduate Student
Matthew E. Freeland, Graduate Student
Vladimyr Gidzak, Graduate Student
Joel Gronvall, Graduate Student
Heath Johnson, Research Associate
Ioannis Nompelis, Research Associate
David Peterson, Graduate Student
Pramod Subbareddy, Research Associate
Loretta Trevino, Graduate Student
Eric Tylczak, Graduate Student
Paolo Valentini, Graduate Student
Ross Wagnild, Graduate Student