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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Biological Sciences
College of Science and Engineering
BioTechnology Institute

PI: Jeffrey A. Gralnick

Bioinformatics of the Soudan Iron Mine

The Soudan Iron Mine, located near Ely, Minnesota in the northern portion of the state, is a window into deep subsurface life. The aquatic ecosystems found on the lowest level of the mine are unlike any other studied to date, where microbes appear to be thriving in an anoxic calcium chloride brine percolating through a 2.7 billion year old Banded Iron Formation over 2,300 feet below the surface. These researchers are using MSI resources to help in bioinformatics analysis of microbial communities and data organization for a diverse team of researchers whose fields range from geology to microbiology to discovery of novel antibiotics.

Group Members

Ben Bonis, Research Associate
Even Brutinel, Research Associate
Aunica Kane, Graduate Student
Nick Kotloski, Graduate Student