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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Academic Health Center
Institute for Health Informatics

PI: Wenjun Kang

Web-Based Data Systems

MSI is hosting three different data systems for this researcher. The Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s (CTSI’s) clinical translational research service is an online application review system to help researchers in and outside the University of Minnesota use the CTSI’s services and resources. The Institute for Health Informatics (IHI) Graduate Program Application Review System is a web-based system to store new student application information and allow IHI graduate program admission committee members to review and make decisions on each application. The University Partnership for Health Informatics (UPHI) has been created to educate new health professionals who can assist in the transition from paper to digital records—patients’ electronic health records, prescriptions, best treatments/therapies, and more. UPHI information is used to track all the UPHI activities, including scholarship application/review, class completion track, and fund disbursement. This project uses resources at the SDVL.