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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

PI: Daniel F. Keefe

Large-Scale Interactive Scientific Visualization

This project develops novel algorithms and techniques in scientific visualization, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and multivariate data analysis to support new paradigms of data-intensive science and engineering, including interactive supercomputing. The approach combines machine intelligence with interactive computing and the analytic power of the human visual system. The research results in new algorithms, tools, and knowledge of how best to explore and analyze the complex large-scale datasets that currently result from high-performance computing. This project also explores the potential of emerging visualization technologies, such as trackers and cameras that support gestural three-dimensional input, custom multi-touch computer interfaces, and the 30-foot-wide stereoscopic display available in the LCSE-MSI Visualization Laboratory. The research is collaborative, bringing together researchers from multiple disciplines and utilizing cutting-edge simulated and experimental data of relevance to medical device design, surgical training, fluid simulation, biomechanics, and biology.

Group Members

Dane M. Coffey, Graduate Student
Ankit Gupta, Graduate Student
Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Visiting Researcher
Vamsi Konchada, Graduate Student
Fedor A. Korsakov, Graduate Student
Nicholas W. Malbraaten, Undergraduate Student