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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
School of Mathematics
Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications

PI: Markus Keel

The Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications: Simulation and Computation

The Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) promotes applications of mathematics across disciplines, including applications to science, engineering, economics, and social science. During the past period, research fellows at the IMA have been studying the fundamental challenges of modeling, analysis, and computation for (mostly) incompressible fluid dynamics, with attention focused on non-Newtonian fluids in which complex material constitutions produce nonlinear and/or nonlocal relationships between stresses and rates-of-strain (and sometimes strains) leading to unique and often unforeseen flow phenomena. The 2011 program year concentrates on simulation and computation, and devotes a large amount of attention to scientific computation application, including emerging architectures and high-performance computing.

Group Members

Daniel Dix, Research Associate
Kara L. Maki, Research Associate
Vasileios Maroulas, Research Associate
Willard Miller, Jr., Faculty Collaborator
Erkan Tuzel, Research Associate
Cecilia Ortiz-Duenas, Research Associate