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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Pharmacy
Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

PI: Marnie L. Peterson

Global Response of Vaginal Epithelial Cells to Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Agents; Global Gene Expression of Vulvovaginal Tissue

These researchers are using MSI resources for two projects, both of which use microarray-analysis software available through MSI laboratories, including Expressionist and Pathway Assist. In the first project, ex vivo porcine vaginal mucosa is exposed to various infectious agents, including Staphylococcus aureus, and/or therapeutic agents, including antimicrobials and/or wound healing agents. Following exposure, total RNA is obtained and processed for hybridization to an Affymetrix porcine genome microarray chip.

In the second project, vulvovaginal biopsies are obtained following informed consent from human subjects with vulvodynia and from healthy controls. Following tissue isolation, total RNA is obtained and processed for hybridization to an Illumina human microarray chip.

Group Members

Michele Anderson, Research Associate
Laura Breshears, Research Associate
Ying-Chi Lin, Research Associate
Matthew Schaefers, Graduate Student