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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Academic Health Center
Center for Drug Design

PI: Yuk Sham

Computer Simulation of Biomolecular Recognition Processes and Drug Design

Molecular recognition plays a critical role in many biological processes including cellular signaling, homeostasis and enzyme catalysis. Development of an accurate and reliable computational model can play a critical role in establishing the exact mechanism of action behind their biological functions. Insight gained can also provide the molecular basis for rational protein engineering and drug design. This group’s primary objective is to develop consistent and predictive computational models that can be used for drug discovery and to advance human health.

Group Members

Feng Chen, Research Associate
Roshai Dahal, Graduate Student
Ben Duckworth, Research Associate
Kenny G. Hoang, Undergraduate Student
Evelyne M. Houang, Graduate Student
Kyle Konze, Undergraduate Student
Garrett T. McLean, Staff
Austin Shin, Graduate Student
Zhengqiang Wang, Research Associate
Richard L. Wood, Research Associate
Han Wool Yoon, Undergraduate Student