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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Citites
Medical School
Department of Urologic Surgery

PI: Carl S. Smith

Dynamics of Urethral Sphincter Activity

Dynamical analysis is a mathematical tool that provides a powerful alternative to traditional biologic signal processing. Traditional approaches quantitate and characterize signals by parameters such as frequency, amplitude, and waveform in an effort to discover the underlying relationships within the system under study. A dynamical approach utilizes the same time-dependent information but constructs a visual picture or attractor where the interpretation allows a glimpse at the structures that generated the signal. This is an unexpected result and, in the physiologic system under study, the sacral spinal cord in humans, this researcher continues to search for patterns and simple rules that govern this complex behavior. At the initiation of this project more than 15 years ago, MSI resources were used to compute the actual attractors remotely. Current utilization is primarily consultant support with tutorials on new task-specific software and project planning.