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January 2010 - March 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

PI: Michael Tsapatsis

Modeling Dynamics of Nanoparticle Film Assembly

Nanostructured thin film materials and devices could contribute to a diverse set of future technologies such as anti-reflective films, novel field-effect transistors, electronic displays, and many others. Low-cost, scalable methods for processing these materials are likely to involve deposition of the constituent "nanoscale” building blocks from solution. This modeling project is concerned with the dynamics of microstructure formation in assembled particle films. Using MSI, these researchers have investigated the governing physics of fluid flow and "nanoscale” particle motion in two different processing methods for particle films: evaporation-assisted drag-out and colloidal adsorption. The former model is concerned with the influence of quasi-static fluid flow on particle film growth, but does not include the dynamics of particle organization. An additional goal of the project is to employ particle dynamics simulations towards a simplified model of colloidal film growth by drag-out. These researchers are pursuing stochastic particle dynamics simulations to investigate the effects of diffusion, convection, and interparticle interactions on the microstructure evolution during particle assembly in idealized coating flows. These simulations utilize computational fluid dynamics resources as well as previously developed simulation algorithms to track motion of Brownian particles in coating flows.

Group Members

Manickam Adhimoolam Arunagirinathan, Research Associate
Nicole Ann Atchison, Graduate Student
Damien Brewer, Graduate Student
Huiyong Chen, Visiting Researcher
Bahman Elyassi, Visiting Researcher
Wei Fan, Visiting Researcher
Xuefeng Guo, Visiting Researcher
Sandeep Kumar, Graduate Student
Parveen Kumar, Visiting Researcher
Satish Kumar, Co-Principal Investigator
Zhiping Lai, Research Associate
Pyung-Soo Lee, Graduate Student
Christopher Lew, Research Associate
Dongxia Liu, Visiting Researcher
Elizabeth Emma Mallon, Graduate Student
Aruna Ramkrishnan, Graduate Student
Rajiv Ranjan, Graduate Student
Jared Stoeger, Graduate Student
Chun-Yi Sung, Visiting Researcher
Jikku M. Thomas, Graduate Student
Ana Ines Torres Rippa, Graduate Student
Varun Kumar, Graduate Student
James W. Wydra, Graduate Student
Virany Yuwono, Visiting Researcher
Xueyi Zhang, Graduate Student