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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

PI: Joan E. Bechtold

Image Processing and Finite Element Analysis of Implant Osseointegration

This project uses CT imaging and finite element analysis to evaluate the mechanical integrity of the osseointegration of orthopaedic implants. CT scans of implants and the surrounding bone from animal models are segmented and used to create finite element models of the implants. The work is a computational extension of ongoing physical experimentation. Currently, physical testing is destructive and allows for testing of the integration strength only in one loading mode, a push-out test. Computational modeling allows for testing under a variety of loading conditions such as torsion and bending. Furthermore, the finite element and CT segmentation results will allow for a more precise understanding of what features lead to increased strength, i.e. is strength purely a function of bone volume, or do certain architectural features of the bone structure lead to increased strength? MSI resources are used for CT visualization, segmentation, and image processing as well as mesh generation and finite element analysis. The work primarily utilizes Abaqus for the finite element modeling, Analyze for CT processing, and MATLAB for various other computational needs. The goal of the project is to develop a more complete understanding of why implant loosening occurs in some patients, and how better osseointegration might be achieved.

Group Members

Will Camisa, Graduate Student
Andy Freeman, Graduate Student
Curtis Goreham-Voss, Graduate Student