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January - December 2011

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Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

PI: H. Robert Bergen

Proteomics: Bioinformatic Solutions

Proteomics is mass spectrometry-based and is able to identify and quantify proteins. However, protein identification is a highly bioinformatics-intensive problem. Software tools and algorithms are required to filter, identify, and assign probability scores to the tens of thousands of MS/MS spectra that are acquired in any single proteomics experiment. Access to the latest software and hardware are critical to this group’s mission of identifying the maximum number of proteins and comparing the relative abundance of the proteins in control and disease sample sets. They utilize the proteomics resources at MSI to explore in depth human proteomes to help diagnose, prevent, and cure human disease to the lowest levels currently possible.

Group Members

Roman Zenka, Staff
Carrie Jo Holtz-Heppelmann, Staff
Kenneth L. Johnson, Staff