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January - December 2011

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Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

PI: Jeremy Chien

Genomics of Ovarian Cancer

As cellular life is defined by the function of DNA sequences, a cancer cell is a function of mutated DNA sequences. Characterization of these DNA sequence alterations is the fundamental step in understanding the genetic basis for cancer. This research program focuses on the characterization these DNA sequence alterations in ovarian cancer and functional elucidation of cancer genes. The researchers use next-generation sequencing technologies to characterize DNA sequence alterations. These technologies produce billions of short sequence reads that need to be processed using high-performance computing resources to characterize DNA sequence alterations. The researchers use MSI resources to analyze billions of short read sequences to identify mutated genes in ovarian cancer.

Group Members

Aaron Aschunke, Graduate Student
Sabine Dietmann, Research Associate
Eugen Dragomir-Daescu, Staff
Russell Grocock, Illumina, Inc.
Yingrui Li, Collaborator
Raymond M. Moore, Research Associate
Aung K. Myo, Research Associate
Hugues Sicotte, Staff
Ze Tian, Graduate Student
Vinod Vadav, Collaborator
Wei Zhang, Graduate Student