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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

PI: Sean C. Garrick, Associate Fellow

Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent, Reacting, Multiphase Flows

The Garrick group in the Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory has a long history in the direct numerical simulation and large eddy simulation of turbulent, reacting, multiphase flows. The researchers develop physical models (and their mathematical representation) and software in-house that can be used to numerically simulate a wide-variety of physical and chemical problems. Their codes are highly parallel exhibiting linear scale-up with an efficiency of 85% using the full resources of Itasca. They also utilize commercial software at MSI as some of the group’s industrial sponsors value such tools. Their research areas involve fundamental problems as well as those that are more applied or engineering-oriented.

Current projects include: large-eddy simulation of turbulent sprays; modeling and simulation of metal particle dynamics; and deterministic and stochastic modeling of particle formation and growth. 

Group Members

Andrew J. Fager, Undergraduate Student
WanJiao Liu, Graduate Student
Jun Liu, Graduate Student
Nathan Murfield, Graduate Student