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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Pharmacy
Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

PI: Gunda I. Georg, Associate Fellow

Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

MSI is providing resources and user support to the Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development, a unit of the College of Pharmacy. The Institute’s research is focused on medicinal chemistry, high-throughput screening, lead discovery, combinatorial chemistry, and chemical process development. The researchers access Pipeline Pilot, modeling and reporting software, ActivityBase, and ELNs in order to support ongoing drug discovery and development projects within the University of Minnesota, including non-hormonal male contraceptive projects, pilot scale chemical libraries, and the NIH-NCI chemical biology consortium.

Group Members

Ramappa Chakrasali, Research Associate
Rebecca Cuellar, Research Associate
Trinh (Amy) Doan, Graduate Student
Peter Dosa, Research Associate
Rawle Francis, Research Associate
Bryant Gay, Graduate Student
Vadim Gurvich, Faculty Collaborator
Kwon Ho Hong, Graduate Student
Derek Hook, Faculty Collaborator
Sukhakar Jakkaraj, Research Associate
Yong Wook Kim, Graduate Student
Srilakshmi Krishnaveni Neelam, Research Associate
Satish Patil, Graduate Student
Adwait Ranade, Graduate Student
Subhashree Rangarajan, Research Associate
Hajime Seki, Graduate Student
Mary Smart, Research Associate
Jonathan Solberg, Research Associate
Jessica Strasser, Staff
Shameem Sultana Syeda, Graduate Student
Defeng Tian, Research Associate
Sreedhar Reddy Tummalapalli, Graduate Student
Michael A. Walters, Faculty Collaborator
Timothy Ward, Research Associate
Yiyun Yu, Graduate Student