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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
School of Public Health
Division of Biostatistics

PI: Weihua Guan

Genomic Study of Kidney Transplant Recipients

These researchers have begun to study whether genetic variants are, in part, responsible for the differing outcomes of kidney transplant recipients treated with similar immunosuppressive protocols. Their central hypotheses are that genetic variation is associated with kidney transplant outcome (i.e., acute rejection, chronic graft dysfunction, and graft loss) and immunosuppressive drug toxicity. The researchers will carry out genome-wide association analysis for such purpose. They use MSI resources to store the genotype data, and perform association tests between genotypes and various endpoints in kidney transplantation. They are also carrying out genotype imputation to obtain best guess/dosage for un-genotyped variants using public reference panels (e.g., the International HapMap project, or 1000 Genomes project), which can be used to perform meta-analysis with results from other research groups to increase the power of detecting underlying genetic variants.

The researchers also wish to perform whole-genome sequencing on selected kidney transplant donors, and study structural variations potentially associated with allograft outcomes of transplant recipients. They use MSI resources to store the sequencing data and perform related analysis.

Group Members

Ann M. Brearley, Staff
Lingzhi Li, Graduate Student
David Schladt, Graduate Student