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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School
Department of Pharmacology

PI: Fang Li

Invasion and Replication Mechanisms of Human Viral Pathogens

These researchers study the structural basis for the invasion and replication mechanisms of human viral pathogens. Using SARS, human common colds, and other important viral pathogens as sample species, the researchers ask three questions. First, how do viruses recognize their receptors and invade host cells? Second, once inside the host cells, how do viruses replicate themselves? Third, how can we inhibit the invasion and replication of viruses? These questions are addressed using x-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, protein biochemistry, and molecular virology. This research primarily targets two proteins: the glycoproteins on the viral surface that guide cell entry, and the polymerases that replicate viral genomes inside cells.

Group Members

Lang Chen, Research Associate
Yi-Lun Lin, Research Associate
Guiling Peng, Research Associate
Yang Yang, Graduate Student