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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Chemistry

PI: Aaron M. Massari

Interfacial Spectroscopy of Organic Field Effect Transistors and Organometallic Catalysts

This project uses vibrational sum frequency generation and interfacial spectroscopy to study molecular structures at the buried interfaces in organic field effect transistors. With this approach, the researchers also seek to analyze structural perturbations induced by the application of electrical voltages when these devices are turned on. They are using MSI to perform DFT calculations for structure minimization of organic semiconductors and frequency predictions for the molecular vibrations that were measured in experiments. In current work, they are continuing their basis set study and performing polaron energy studies of these molecules as well as PTCDI derivatives and other organic semiconductor molecules. They are also using MSI to minimize the structures of organometallic catalytic species for vibrational analyses. This is in conjunction with a project studying the vibrational dynamics of these molecules.

Group Members

Timothy Anglin, Research Associate
Brynna Jones, Graduate Student
Daniel O’Brien, Graduate Student