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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences
Department of Applied Economics

PI: Philip G. Pardey

Changing Global Landscape of Genetics and Genomics Patents

This project involves a broadly based analysis of worldwide intellectual property related to genetics and genomics. The first aim of the project requires the use of MSI resources: to build a worldwide database of genetic and genomic related patents. Part of this process includes compiling a database of gene sequences submitted to three large gene sequence databases (GenBank, EMBL and DDJB) that cite patents. The MSI Galaxy software package is used to assist in characterizing the specific intellectual property claimed in each patent. Using Galaxy, the research runs Blast queries on the database of patent derived sequences to obtain data about the characteristics of those sequences. In particular, he hopes to identify the species of origin for each sequence. Once each sequence has a species of origin identified, this information can be linked to the patent cited by the sequence. This will allow a rich characterization of the global landscape of intellectual property claimed over genetic sequences.