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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Education and Human Development
Institute of Child Development

PI: Kathleen M. Thomas

Developmental Neuroimaging

This group uses anatomical and functional neuroimaging to address questions regarding behavior and brain development from early childhood to adulthood. They use MSI’s HPC resources to batch process functional and anatomical data using FSL and Freesurfer. In previous work, they analyzed two anatomical datasets and one functional imaging study. They are continuing to develop their data processing pipelines for diffusion tensor imaging and resting state fMRI analyses.

Current work includes data from three studies addressing changes in brain morphometry, white matter organization, and functional activation as a consequence of adverse events in early childhood (e.g., prematurity or orphanage care) and adolescence (e.g., alcohol exposure) as well as risk and protective factors associated with these experiences. This work has important implications for assessing long-term consequences of and possible interventions for such adverse life experiences.

Group Members

Jane E. Brumbaugh, Research Associate
Bonny Donzella, Research Associate
Raquel Gabbitas, Graduate Student
Evren Guler, Research Associate
Madeline Harms, Graduate Student
Amanda Hodel, Graduate Student
Ruskin Hunt, Research Associate
Sara Langworthy, Graduate Student
Joe Selvik, Undergraduate Student
Sara E. Van Den Heuvel, Staff
Jennifer Wenner, Research Associate
Anika Wiltgen, Staff