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January - December 2011

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities
College of Science and Engineering
Department of Earth Sciences

PI: David A. Yuen, Fellow

Large-Scale Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Geophysical and Biological Fluid Dynamics

This research program addresses fundamental problems in both geophysics and biofluid dynamics. The research requires high-performance computing with large shared-memory architecture. Continuing projects include: three-dimensional mantle convection with multiple phase transitions using finite-volume higher-order local compact finite-differences and radial-basis functions; two- and three-dimensional tsunami wave modeling and earthquake wave propagation; interactive visualization of three-dimensional mantle convection and data mining of geological and biomedical data with high dimensionality; and high Rayleigh number thermal convection and thermal turbulence in extremely low Reynolds number flow. In a new project, these researchers have embarked on the Virtual Melanoma Project, which will provide a modeling, simulation, and visualization platform that will assist in and speed up development of new cancer drugs with in vitro, in vivo, and clinical testing. The whole platform will be composed of five modules: modeling, computations, data analysis, experiments, and interface.

Group Members

Tom Arodz, Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Michael Bakhos, Undergraduate Student
Gregory A. Barnett, Undergraduate Student
Gretchen Beebe, Undergraduate Student
Marie Behounokova, Collaborator
John Boggs, Nonacademic Staff
Evan F. Bollig, Undergraduate Student
Kris Boryczko, Research Associate
Doris Breuer, Visiting Researcher
Shi Chen, Graduate Student
Monika Christensen, Undergraduate Student
Joseph Connelly, Undergraduate Student
Wojciech Walter Czech, Graduate Student
Cesar da Silva, Research Associate
Megan Damon, Graduate Student
Elsa Dosh, Undergraduate Student
Fabien Dubuffet, Visiting Researcher
Witold Dzwinel, Research Associate
Michael Elgersma, Graduate Student
Geoffrey Ely, Earth Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Gordon Erlebacher, Faculty Collaborator
Manuele Faccenda, Collaborator
Natasha Flyer, Collaborator
Zachary A. Garbow, Undergraduate Student
Thomas Geenen, Collaborator
Taras Gerya, Institute of Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geophysics, Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, Bochum, Germany
Christopher Gonzalez, Undergraduate Student
Ladislav Hanyk, Collaborator
Satoru Honda, Collaborator
Willie Jin, Graduate Student
Kirk E. Jordan, Collaborator
Ben Kadlec, Graduate Student
Ali Karrech, Graduate Student
Boris Kaus, Collaborator
Alexander Kritski, Collaborator
Marcin Krotkiewski, Visiting Researcher
Marcin Kurdziel, Undergraduate Student
Tine B. Larsen, Collaborator
Giovanni Leone, Collaborator
Ying-Chun Liu, Graduate Student
Martin D. Lyness, Undergraduate Student
Shigenori Maruyama, Collaborator
Elizabeth McArthur, Visiting Researcher
Jonathan C. McLane, Undergraduate Student
Brendan Meade, Undergraduate Student
Michael Moen, Undergraduate Student
Marc Monnereau, Research Associate
Gabriele Morra, Visiting Researcher
Cecile Piret, Collaborator
Yuri A. K. Podladchikov, Visiting Researcher
Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Research Associate
Gretchen Rick, Undergraduate Student
Melanie Ross, Undergraduate Student
Maxwell Rudolph, Undergraduate Student
Cory Ruegg, Supercomputing Institute Undergraduate Intern
James R. Rustad, Collaborator
Ataru Sakuraba, Collaborator
David A. Sanchez, Undergraduate Student
Anna Schall, Undergraduate Student
Jessica M. Schmidt, Undergraduate Student
Brigit Ann Schroeder-Carlsson, Undergraduate Student
Erik Sevre, Graduate Student
Jean Shan, Visiting Researcher
Ekaterina Shukh, Undergraduate Student
Marina Shukh, Undergraduate Student
Elena Sizova, Graduate Student
Daniel So, Visiting Researcher
Shenyi Steve Song, Staff
Volker C. Steinbach, Collaborator
Yujun Sun, Staff
Arkady Ten, Visiting Researcher
Nicola Tosi, Collaborator
Arie P. van den Berg, Collaborator
Oleg Vasilyev, Visiting Researcher
Ludek Vecsey, Collaborator
Alain P. Vincent, Research Associate
Cloudsea Wang, Visiting Researcher
Shuo Wang, Graduate Student
Ralph Wcislo, Visiting Researcher
Robin M. Weiss, Undergraduate Student
Herwig Wendt, Collaborator
Vincent M. Wheeler, Graduate Student
Grady Wright, Collaborator
Jenny Yan, Visiting Researcher
Xiang Yao, Undergraduate Student
Lilli Yang, Undergraduate Student
Huai Zhang, Collaborator
Chuck Zhang, Visiting Researcher
Liang Zheng, Visiting Researcher
Yichen Zhou, Undergraduate Student
Aiyu Ellen Zhu, Visiting Researcher