Staff Directory

Staff Name Title Email Address Phone Area(s)
Joshua Baller, Ph.D. Research Informatics Scientific and Operations Lead
(612) 625-7889 Research Informatics Support Systems
Tracey Bartlett Editor
(612) 624-2330 Research and User Services
Michael Baynton Lead System Programmer
(612) 626-8926 Application Development Services
Bill Beksi HPC Systems Student
(612) 624-4204 Advanced Systems Operations
Michael Benson System Administrator
612-624-2212 Advanced Systems Operations
Evan Bollig, Ph.D. User Support Consultant
(612) 624-1447 Research and User Services
Luke Burns HPC Systems Administrator
(612) 626-9120 Advanced Systems Operations
Forrest Cahoon Unix Systems Programmer
(612) 626-4493 Application Development Services
Brian Carlton Accountant II, Supervisor
(612) 626-6487 Administrative Staff
Caleb Delaurentis Student Technical Support (612) 626-0802 Technical Support
William Gallip Project Manager/Systems Analyst
(612) 625-6573 Application Development Services
John Garbe, Ph.D. RISS Informatics Analyst
(612) 624-7427 Research Informatics Support Systems
Sean Geronimo Anderson Student Service Lead
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
John Griffin-Wiesner HPC Systems Administrator
(612) 624-4167 Advanced Systems Operations
Andrew Gustafson, Ph.D. High Performance Computing Software Analyst
(612) 624-0969 Research and User Services
Scott Haiden Student User Services
(612) 625-5748 Research and User Services
Richard Halkyard Infrastructure Operations Student
(612) 624-9113 Advanced Systems Operations
Christine Henzler, Ph.D. LM&P Bioinformatics Analyst
(612) 625-0056 Research Informatics Support Systems
Naomi Hospodarsky System Administrator
(612) 624-1356 Advanced Systems Operations
Yectli Huerta HPC Systems Administrator
(612 ) 624-0540 Advanced Systems Operations
Heather Ivance Student Systems Administrator (612) 626-0802 Technical Support
James E. Johnson Senior Software Developer
(612) 624-0533 Application Development Services
Anne-Françoise Lamblin, Ph.D. Program Director (612) 625-7414 Administrative Staff
Rachel Lee Student Technical Support
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Josh Leibfried Systems Administrator
(612) 624-4729 Advanced Systems Operations
Benjamin Lynch, Ph.D. Senior Scientific Computing Consultant, Interim Manager of Application Development
(612) 624-4122 Research and User Services
Kevin McCollow Student Technical Support
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Jeff McDonald, Ph.D. Assistant Director of HPC Operations
(612) 625-6905 Advanced Systems Operations
Thomas McGowan Informatics Computing Consultant
(612) 625-0917 Research Informatics Support Systems
Michael Milligan, Ph.D. Scientific Computing Consultant, Application Software Manager
(612) 624-8857 Research and User Services
Lauren Mills, Ph.D. RISS Informatics Analyst
(612) 624-4466 Research Informatics Support Systems
Matt Mix Network Administrator
(612) 624-2966 Advanced Systems Operations
Tim Nguyen RISS Student Technical Support
Research Informatics Support Systems
Ann Nordling MSI Assistant Director for Human Resources
(612) 624-1556 Administrative Staff
Carolyn O'Grady Executive Accounts Specialist
(612) 624-5127 Administrative Staff
Uche Ofuonye Student Systems Administrator
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Getiria Onsongo, Ph.D. RISS Informatics Analyst
(612) 624-0532 Research Informatics Support Systems
David Porter, Ph.D. Scientific Computing Consultant
(612) 625-2283 Research and User Services
Thomas Prather Senior Software Developer
(612) 626-4479 Application Development Services
Kevin Prigge Unix Systems Administrator
(612) 626-9057 Advanced Systems Operations
Andrew P Ring HPC Systems Administrator
(612) 624-8860 Advanced Systems Operations
Nancy Rowe Scientific Computing Consultant, Student Technical Support Supervisor, LMVL, BSCL and BMSDL Manager
(612) 624-2390 Research and User Services
Clinton Santo Student Technical Support
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Debbie Schutta Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
(612) 624-0528 Administrative Staff
Kevin Silverstein, Ph.D. Scientific Lead
(612) 625-0292 Research Informatics Support Systems
Erik Sopper Student Systems Administrator
Technical Support
Brent Swartz Senior Software Performance Engineer
(612) 626-6575 Research and User Services
Sifora Tek-Lab Student Technical Support
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Mason Tran Student Systems Administrator
(612) 626-0802 Technical Support
Jorge Viñals Director, Professor of Physics
(612) 624-0528 Administrative Staff
Trevor Wennblom, MPH, MHI Senior Software Developer (612) 625-0843 Application Development Services
Jim Wilgenbusch Associate Director
(612) 624-6730 Administrative Staff, Research and User Services
Rendong Yang, Ph.D. LM&P informatics Analyst
(612)626-8911 Research Informatics Support Systems
Ying Zhang, Ph.D. RISS Informatics Analyst
(612) 624-3737 Research Informatics Support Systems